/ THE crew /

welcome to the streets of browntown. 

thoughtful & KIND


favorite song: never grow up

favorite book: there's a wocket in my pocket!

favorite movie: maleficent

favorite shoes: my black shoes

favorite outfit: panda shirt & leggings

favorite color: orange

favorite treat: brownies

favorite activity: floating on my back


strong & wise


favorite song: chasing cars

favorite book: thr3e

favorite movie: book of eli

favorite shoes: Airwalks

favorite outfit: black jeans & sweatshirt

favorite color: purple

favorite treat: chocolate muffins

favorite activity: basketball

Playful & spunky


favorite song: let it go

favorite book: frozen

favorite movie: horseland

favorite shoes: my black boots

favorite outfit: costumes

favorite color: blue

favorite treat: cake

favorite activity: playing horses

a styled mess