i can't even begin to describe the excitement i felt tonight when i came across this image!!!

first, let me take you back about 2 weeks when i entered a brand enthusiast search for an incredible new t shirt company that i follow on instagram. if you know me, then you know i have been having a serious love affair with 'shirts with words', i can't get enough! i have been following kid+kind for awhile and love their unique style! i eagerly entered their enthusiast search, but there were hundreds of entries so the chance of being selected seemed very slim. i definitely wasn't holding my breath, but my fingers were crossed as i checked back often to see when the winners would be posted. as you can imagine, i absolutely could not believe it when the girls were chosen! eek!!!!! 

t h e n.... just a few days later i saw a separate post about a model search happening in spokane, wa for kid+kind. not only was i thrilled at the opportunity to enter my girls in a local search (cool stuff like this rarely happens in north idaho!), but the photo shoot was for the very brand we were just selected to represent and the photos were being taken by the super talented mia st clair - mother of the oh-so-famous grey. (i may be a little obsessed with this ultra trendy toddler and may have freaked out a bit when i realized he is practically a local to me!) anyway... back to today!  i was tagged by the amazing kid+kind on instagram earlier and noticed that they were offering free shipping in honor of Veteran's Day. so what do i do when i see "free ship"? i shop! i logged on to their website to do a little looking around and was met face to face by my own little scout! of course i had to search the entire shop and also found her photo here and here! (i also want to brag a moment about the daughter of my friend sarah. i mean, how gorgeous is sienna?!?) 

thank you kid+kind (and mia!) for welcoming us into your family! you have no idea how excited we are to be a part of your team <3

ps- i am totally getting that selfie next time i see grey. i still can't believe i missed my opportunity!  :)