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last year my sister and i decided it was time to come up with a creative way to make a little extra christmas money. trust me- when you have 16 nieces and nephews plus 5 young siblings and your own kids to buy presents for, you must get creative! i love making christmas gifts! I don't know why i do it though. i notoriously overextend myself! year after year i stay up into the wee hours finishing projects: embroidered pillowcases, personalized overnight bags, family calendars, and even hand painted cans for a tween sized game of angry birds... you name it- i have probably stayed up way too late crafting it!

anyway... this led to many days of brainstorming, multiple trips to michael's and finally.... an idea...

i had seen letters from santa on facebook and etsy, but felt that some of them were lacking in personalization or handmadeness (yes, that is a word!). we knew we could make up for what others were lacking! we put our little elf thinking caps on and got to work! we spent countless hours creating these unique gifts for children all over the country. suddenly we found ourselves with the best job ever-

being santa!

i mean, really... how awesome is it to be welcomed into these families and to be allowed to read the (sometimes very funny!) christmas wishes of each tiny boy and girl?!? ya- pretty awesome! 

and the cherry on top is replying to each wish in the merry way expected from the big man himself!

santa's worksop 2013

so here we are- year two of playing santa claus!

this time around we are taking orders almost a month earlier in hopes that we can help create christmas magic for even more boys and girls. <3

would you like to order a custom letter for your loved one?

follow this link to our facebook event to join in the holiday fun!

just a few of our 2013 happy (and super adorable!) customers!

just a few of our 2013 happy (and super adorable!) customers!

ps- do you know someone who is a little more naughty than nice??? this year we are offering a gag gift naughty list letter for that person in your life who just can't seem to stay out of trouble!

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