today we spent the morning at the dentist which isn't fun to blog about, so instead i present to you a few shots of scout from last weekend. she says these little z kid pants "are dj pants"- haha. some may think i am crazy, but i love harems! and how cute is this sweatshirt  (softest top ever) and kitty hat from target??? you just can't go wrong at target this season....





ever have those days where you are running like crazy, but can't seem to get a single project finished? ya- that pretty much sums up my life lately. i decided that today i would actually sit during lunch and catch up all our friends and family on what we are up to this week. here ya go!



sailor is keeping me busy as her personal assistant. i have been super busy and this poor girl is living in pjs and has watched more movies than normal this week... but she has also created a few beautiful paintings and some incredible playdough creations. unfortunately her assistant is responsible for cleaning up those messes! 


<---- nothing but trouble

and look! she got dressed today!

sailor is feeling pretty good about herself in this adorable target dress and jak & peppar coat <3

oh, scout is currently on zulily modeling for kid+kind! :) you can follow this link to shop or follow this link to read an earlier blog post about our love for the Kid+Kind brand. she is continuing to pull in straight a's in school and working on handmade christmas gifts in her spare time. 









pretty sure he still lives here, but i haven't seen that kid much since the weekend. he is hardly home between school, basketball, and youth group.

life with teenagers...

and me? well, i am busy working in my own little santa's workshop with my sister- pretty sure the only time i sat down yesterday was when i was carpooling kids! If you need a special letter from santa for your child please follow this link for more details. :) i am also planning a photo shoot for cool t-shirt brand this weekend. i am so excited that I get to spend my saturday with some cute little models. besides those two added jobs, i am just keeping myself busy with cooking, cleaning, laundry, carpooling, serving school lunch, organizing food for the holiday bazaar, playing admin on several boards on facebook, reselling clothes for my mom and myself, trying to fit in a daily workout, and sewing a caroler costume for scout's upcoming school musical. which reminds me- i need to get off this computer and head to target because i saw that they have a black cloak as part of the new annie for target collection (so cute!) and at this point i am willing to pay to not have to sew one!

josh- well, he lives here too and is pretty much always awesome. :)

hope you all have a great evening!