we made it through the long christmas weekend and finally ventured out of the house today. woo hoo! i can't even tell you how great it was to see the sun- even if it was only 22 degrees out there! i will always be a california girl at heart and the snow and cold will never be my friend ;) ever.


as you can see, sailor was up to her usual mischief today!

doesn't she look adorable in this tink & key tee? she kept singing

"he's got the whole world in his hands!" <3

scout was rocking her kid & kind 'happy' tee today- so perfect for this girl!

and check out her rad fishtail bun- ya, i felt pretty awesome for getting that one right!

we made a quick stop at target so the girls could spend their gift cards from auntie kristen!

these girls are hilarious- they must have changed what they planned to buy at least 20 times. sweaters, sweatshirts, purses, big hero 6 boys underwear (lol), one generation accessories, baymax action figure, books, stuffed animals... scout finally decided on stripe fleece pajama pants and sailor chose a frozen book and a sophia activity book. they each checked out on their own and were extremely proud of their shopping trip! :)