busy. that is what we have been this past week!

painting, school parties, family visits, rehearsals, basketball, thanksgiving, crafting, runway shows, play dates, photo shoots, card making, tree decorating, and 2 teeth extracted for scout! 

the one thing i didn't get done? christmas shopping! i missed black friday and cyber monday! :/

i have been too busy to spend time blogging this week, so here is a quick slideshow to show what we've been up to. I am sad to announce that i somehow accidentally deleted pictures of scout in her pilgrim outfit. :( on the way to school last week she pointed out a "pilgrim house" on a farm. i quickly pulled over, grabbed the camera, and took a few shots. i know i need to get her back out there, but haven't found the time (or the guts to tell her i deleted the photos!).


matilda jane clothing: pajama party

we love the newest release from matilda jane clothing! check out these adorable dresses and jammies! 


ps: i did another shoot for zulily this past weekend and i can't wait to show you the photos soon!