i can't believe it has been a week since i last logged in! we have be super busy over here in brown town! i had three photo shoots this past week and mat had his jv basketball tournament- where his team took 1st place!!!! i am so proud of my boy and his team!!! go royals!

somedays i feel like i am drowning in "to do" lists, but then i remember how thankful i am for where i am in my life right now and for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. i have tons of editing to do, but here are a few photos from this past week- i am so excited to show you more of what i've been working on!

above are a few sneaks from our next shoot for the talking shirt 

and below are a few pics from the current zulily event

...and facebook is so annoying! they made me change my name from "brown town" to "gina brown town" today :( i think we need a moment of silence...