my baby boy turned 15 today. fifteen! that is so old!

parenting a teenager is not for the weak- and while this boy likes to give me trouble now and then, he is still probably the world's greatest son. matty is witty and clever and wise and the sweetest big brother ever. he is an amazing blessing in our lives! i can't believe this handsome boy came into my life when i was only a few years older than he is now... so crazy! as a young mom i feel like i've always tried to protect him from all the "bad" out there in the world- and to keep him from growing up too quickly... but i am slowly figuring out that no matter how much i want to slow down time, it just doesn't work. this year he asked for money for driver's ed for his birthday. what? when did he become old enough to drive?!? ya... i am so not ready for this next chapter in our lives!

check out this slideshow as proof that they grow up too quickly!

... a n d   m y   l i t t l e   u n i c o r n ...

while my little man was off at high school, i had to take my baby girl to the dentist to have her "unicorn tooth" extracted. i haven't felt this worried in a long time! sailor had an extra tooth growing between her two front teeth- just chillin' there like a unicorn's horn ;) seriously... i was so worried that they would take the wrong tooth out or that my girl would be in pain... so many things to fear when your baby is having a procedure like this! what i didn't fear (but should have!) is that crazy medicine that made her turn into a dizzy drunken mess. man, she transformed into one insane being and could hardly talk straight or stand up. it would have been hilarious if i hadn't been so stressed out. haha- i did take some funny video though! the extraction went perfectly (thank you jesus!) and within an hour after we left the dentist she was back to her normal happy self- thrilled to be given a day where she could eat all the yogurt, pudding, and ice cream she wanted! plus--- the tooth fairy is coming!


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