if you are like me, then you are probably following hundreds of fashion forwards toddlers and trendy clothing brands on instagrami love instagram! there- i said it. ;)

not only is it a great way to cyberstalk all of your friends and favorite celebrities, but to me, it is like creating your own magazine. a magazine consisting only of things i want to see! lots of great advice, photography, and inspiration, but with very little talk- exactly the way i like it! haha

there is always something new and exciting happening in my ig feed, but one thing that seems to be trending is loop giveaways. all these little shops tag each other and you follow the tags, answer fun trivia style questions, and if you are lucky- you will end up with a prize from a giveaway! a couple of months ago i hit it big and won a few items from some of the ig shops i follow! woo hoo! i'm telling you- ig is the best! anyway... we won this adorable "aeiou tee" from stars and cars and these super rad distressed jeans from love sick threads!

scout actually squealed when she noticed that her shirt says "i <3 you" :)