t h e   t a l k i n g   s h i r t 

somedays my girls want to be as fancy as possible (they can't get enough make-up, glitter and sequins!) and some days they just want their ripped jeans, boxy tees and trucker hats. i love that they have a variety in their style and i feel like this photo shoot is the best of both of their worlds!

the night before the shoot, i was showing scout the outfits and she said to me "mom! i told you i don't like long sleeves with skirts!". funny girl.  i explained that this would be a one time deal- not to mention that there would be hot chocolate and a trip to target! ;) guess who changed her mind as soon as she had this awesome sweatshirt and tutu combo on? yep- she couldn't get enough of herself in the mirror and both girls begged to sleep in these 'super comfy' outfits- haha.

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- h a p p y   s h o p p i n g -