happy sunday!

we hope you all had a great morning at your local trunk show, but for those who live too far from a trunk keeper (or you are buried in snow!) here are some photos to help you with fun outfit combos!


scout and suri at our first trunk show. 2010

suzy and i started hosting matilda jane trunk shows years ago- back when the nearest trunk keeper lived 6 hours away from us! at that time we relied solely on photos from our friends on facebook to show us cute color combos, outfit ideas, and for help with sizing. when our orders arrived we started doing mini fashion shows- just for fun and because who isn't excited to play dress up when a box of gorgeous clothing arrives at your door!?! we loved it, our girls loved it, and our fb friends loved it! :)  about 3 years ago we were lucky enough to have our own trunk keeper hired here in town (woot!) and were finally able to repay the matilda jane community for the years of help they gave us. here we are seasons later and our babies and toddlers and now young ladies- where has the time gone?

one thing is for sure- we have photo doc'ed the sweet friendship of these sweet girls!


enough reminiscing... now on to the show!

photo credit from this amazing shoot goes to 

amy waddington 

thanks for all your hard work and for capturing our girls' personalities so well :)