sisters make the best of friends

when we decided to expand our family of three, we knew we wanted our two little ones close together. as soon as we found out scout wasn't the twins i had been hoping for (c'mon- one pregnancy with two babies was my ideal situation! lol), we knew we would be having another baby as soon as possible. my sisters and i were close in age and while somedays we tried to kill each other (literally--- sorry about that nicole!) we always had each others backs. we still laugh about the time i spun a kid around and threw him (yes, threw him...) for messing with my younger sister on the playground! haha- and that wasn't the only time someone found themselves facing the wrath of a sister! maybe we weren't always the nicest to one another, but no outsiders messed with us! when we were little, my papa always told us to love each other and that blood was thicker than water. at times we definitely didn't treat each other that way and i could see it break his heart. i didn't really 'get it' as a child or even as a teenager, but now as a mother i totally get it. i get how much you can love your babies and want nothing more than for them to feel the same way.  my heart overflows with love when my littles are kind to one another and breaks easily when they argue and fight. with only 18 months separating these two they are bound to have their moments, but i am so thankful that they are the best of friends 95% of the time. ;) i hope i can teach them to always love one another the way my papa taught me. <3

i won't even tell you what these two crazies were whispering about to get all these giggles! 

oh- and meet the newest member of our family, saul. he is sailor's newest favoritest pet ever ;)