i spent a lot of time planning out my future when i was in 8th grade. i totally expected to be living in southern california and raising my hippy children (twins: pacific blue and sunshine dawn) on the coast. of course they would have bleach blonde hair, golden skin, and live in swimsuits year round. they would be surfing and skateboarding as toddlers and life on the beach would be perfect! 


i never expected that one year later we would move to north idaho- FAR away from any ocean! i couldn't have imagined that my kids would wear (gasp!) jackets and boots 6 months of the year! haha. funny how things don't often turn out how you expect when you are a kid. life is often full of surprises and change, but those surprises can actually be blessings in disguise!


and look at this- my kid is still skateboarding. in idaho. all this time it was possible #duh ;)

where do you get a romper like this??? 

well, you can buy a used one from a friend on instagram like i did

OR order from little luna blue OR directly from rags website :)

l8er sk8er ;)