i woke to my instagram blowing up today!  toms had reposted scout's handstand pic from a couple weeks ago! eek!

we have been proudly wearing our toms for years!  

We love the shoes and the brand (3 out of the 5 members of our family are wearing toms as i type this. lol).  

being acknowledged by a company that we love and support is such a huge honor!     

(PS- keep an eye out! I always post on facebook about toms deals on zulily!)

notice that rad shirt scout is wearing? i love it. so much.

and those pineapple leggings? <3 you can get them here at hugo loves tiki! 

it seems like now would be the perfect time to share the photos from when scout modeled for the extremely talented  mia st clair photography and westerly commons a few weeks ago! 

scout loves working with mia and her new modeling buddy, miss bella :) 

westerly commons is this cool, fresh, beachy brand that i have recently fallen in love with! surfboards, water polo, and sunsets remind me of some of my most treasured memories of living in san diego. tee shirts remind me of home... is that weird? haha.

another weird thought for the day... i wonder how many of my old california friends will see that picture on toms instagram today- never knowing that it is my daughter. social media is such a unique window into this world we live in <3

i am famous too! check out my serious handwriting skills right there ^ haha ;)

and one last shot featuring our westerly common tees. sailor and her bestie <3