you know how you pretty much love every picture of your own kids- even those that aren't perfect? they just remind you of a special moment or maybe you see something in their eyes that melts your heart? that is how i feel about the awesome little ones that model for me. sometimes we will get done with a shoot and i just can't make myself narrow down the photos to turn over to the brands. this session is a perfect example! recently we did a last minute shoot for two amazing brands that scout and sailor rep for- tink & key and indie boys world.

we met mr. j at the park about a month ago and knew he would fit in perfectly with my regular group of models. he is so sweet and adorable- and did an incredible job (especially for a three year old with english as a second language!). i couldn't be more proud of him! i am very thankful that we made another new set of friends <3

you can see the joy in these little faces- eek! so cute!

scout adores her "little brothers"