skout clothing co.


as a fashion lover, i am always looking for new brands and styles for the girls. i came across skout clothing co. recently on instagram and fell in love with the idea behind their shop- not to mention the name ;) 

the items pictured below are some of the softest clothing we have ever owned (and we have owned more than our fair share!). scout just about died when she first felt this dress and begged to sleep in it. i told her "no" for several days, but if i am being honest... she is sleeping in the dress and animal print leggings right now! haha

me: scout, why do you love this dress so much?

scout: it is soft! it looks like cotton candy and a sunset. it has a necklace and.... ummmm... it has pockets!









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hat: fitted kids

tunic: imoga

leggings: imoga

boots: minnetonka

purse: h&m

Having been a stylist for years, I am beyond excited to bring an entirely new online shopping experience to you! Shopping with Skout will be like having a personal shopper right in your back pocket! I will take appointments and will spend as much time as needed with you to get to know your style and to make suggestions. We will work together until you are ready to shop with confidence for every day wear, as well as when needs arise for styling for photo shoots or a special occasions.
Online purchasing can be such a tricky business when you are not sure of how things are running. There is nothing worse than receiving a package, and having pieces fit way too big, or even worse, way smaller than expected.
My commitment to you is I will never put products on my site until I can ensure you how they run. I will never offer pre-orders because I need to be able to sell with confidence! I want us both to be confident in the sizing of each and every piece that you purchase. I will also provide IRL images of each and every outfit.
I will never carry more than 3 pieces in a size per style, and typically I will just have 1 or 2 per size. These pieces will be hard to find and once your size is gone, there will be no restocking. It will be like having your own personal stylist choosing out very unique, high end, suburb quality products for you. But, most importantly, it will be so comfortable and wearable for our picky teens and tweens.
— Mary Waters, Scout Clothing Co. Owner & Stylist

+get the look+

dress: imoga

sandals: joyfolie 

jewelry: claire's

purse: h&m

tomorrow is online launch of skout clothing co! click here for more details!