the talking shirt

if you are reading this, we probably 'met' through some sort of social media. adding someone as a friend is the new "can i get you number?"---  and we all know that "follow me" is a whole lot easier than figuring out how to add a new contact to your phone ;) 

whether you are a facebook boardie or an insta groupie, you will likely understand some of the "secret codes" on these hip new shirts. hashtags, brandreps, selfies and more have made their way into our vocabularies and now on to our kids tees!

these styles and more are available today on the talking shirt's event on zulily

+get the looks+

// all tees: the talking shirt // hat: indie boys world // chambray top: h&m // jeans: love sick threads // leggings: skout clothing // shorts: abercrombie kids // skirt: paper wings // shoes: converse, minnetonka, and joyfolie // purse: target

believe me when i say that i love my job. styling and photographing beautiful, energetic, and hilarious children is a dream come true.  "going to work" is often the highlight of my week!

wanna see some creative behind the scenes footage? check this out!

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