away we went to the oregon coast

warm sand, frigid ocean, tide pools, sand creatures, sea gulls, shells, jelly fish, sand dollars, late nights, desserts, dancing, laughs and much much more!

sailor's favorite beach activity: dancing on the seashore 

scout's favorite beach activity: beach combing

mat's favorite beach activity: relaxing with his cousins and making movies

(while sporting his h&m coastal wear)

perfect beach outfit. period.

mini and maximus (hat), beau hudson (cardi), westerly commons (tank), farm fresh denim (shorts)

an 8 year age gap doesn't stop these two from having an amazing friendship <3

nothing like a little jolly good apparel by the sea 

cousin time!

more dancing and more pirate fun. "ello love" by kate & james shop

exploring caves with cousins

i know... it's blurry, but i love this face and the memories this photo holds

f  a  m  i  l  y

i couldn't believe how brave scout was! once matty taught her to catch tiny fish in the tide pools she spent hours collecting creatures!

westery commons

one of my favorite small shops for summer tees. 

(and the love sick threads shorts are the perfect laid back bottoms!)

it was a little windy, but i couldn't resist snapping a few shots of my favorite girls! 

cardigans: beau hudson

sailor's shirt: finomenon kids

scout's shirt: jolly good apparel

skirts: h&m

more vacation pics, coming soon!