kid fashion

the girls and i decided to check out an adorable new boutique in town today. i can't wait to share more about it in a future blog, but for now i will just a few shots of the girls in their ootd's. :)

kid fashion

kid fashion

+ sailor's ootd +

kimono: target

dress: 435 by matilda jane clothing

shoes: mini boden


+ scout's ootd +

hat: fitted kids (find a similar hat here)

tank: finomenon kids (on sale for only $10!)

shorts: farm fresh denim

sandals: joyfolie

kid fashion

i love this dress. love. it makes me eager to see what matilda jane clothing will have for us this fall! only a few more weeks!!!

kid fashion
kid fashion
kid fashion

gotta love the "mom, take a picture of this!" moments. :)

finomenon kids

thanks for stopping by! -scout & sailor