kid and kind romper

what could be more fun than meeting the besties for a day of shopping, lunch in the park, and playing at the splash pad? 

nothing. these girls always have the best time together! 

kid and kind rompers
kid and kind rompers
kid and kind romper
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scout and marlo.

such an adorable set of "mini besties" and such a silly pair! 

marlo is just as spunky as she looks and scout, being the little mommy that she is, has a blast as she tries to tame and guide.

tries. haha

kid and kind romper

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rompers: these kid + kind rompers are super comfy and just what every kid needs to play in! sailor's tee is also available from kid + kind.

shorts: these susies custom "made to order" distressed shorts are awesome (and north west's denim of choice!).

converse: not sure how anyone can live without chucks. 

hats: get these trendy snapbacks from indie boys world.

kid and kind
kid and kind romper
tiger dress
kid and kind romper

peace out homies