W I N T E R... my least favorite time of the year. 

i am truly a california girl at heart. i love being warm. i love being tan. i miss the sun when it is cloudy for months at a time. i really hate driving in snow. (if you have ever tried to push a loaded shopping cart through a slushy grocery store parking lot with two kids in tow you probably understand why i through in *hate* in that last sentence. lol)

girl fashion black and white


but these baby girls of mine love the snow. and they are tough-- way tougher than i am. they often try to sneak out of the house without a coat on and they complain if i make them wear snow boots. the only time i hear complaining about the snow is when it conflicts with an outfit choice. ;) sailor tries to wear her sleeveless matilda jane dresses everyday and can't possibly fathom why she needs a jacket and leggings when it is 20 degrees out. scout desperately wants to wear her brand new adidas superstars outside in january and yet she doesn't want them to get wet or dirty.

girls adidas superstar



so we compromise a little. sailor kicks the layers whenever we are inside and we took scout to a "clean" location to get a few pics of her "babies" (and then she switched back into her snow boots!). ;)

+ get the looks +


(outfit 1)

tee: born savage

black denim: beau hudson

shoes: adidas superstars

girl fashion black and white


(outfit 2)

faux pocket tee: onyx avenue (save 20% using BROWNTOWNGIRLS20)

harems: lil mr boy clothing

coat & boots: target


denim jacket: little edge threads (save 10% using SCOUT10)

v neck: onyx avenue (save 20% using BROWNTOWNGIRLS20)

leggings: target

boots: dr martens

kid magazine model

had to share scout's 3rd magazine feature! she is repping for City Kid Style in the Vancouver Kids Fashion Week magazine.

girl fashion black and white

a real life moment for ya-- that ice is slick! ;)