brown town girls


so... i made something VERY clear to scout a few months ago.

she wasn't allowed to turn 9.

i told her we would give her a "special day" and celebrate her, but "no turning 9".

i tried, but i failed.

here she is.

N I N E   Y E A R S   O L D

I just can't take it. she is getting too old! 

someone make it stop.


the girl with a heart of gold.

i've never met someone quite like scout. she is the most kind, loving, gentle, hardworking, sweet, silly, and thoughtful person i have ever met. if you know her, you know exactly what i mean. 

as much as i want her to stay little, i am excited to see how changes this world as she grows. this girl is absolutely destined for greatness. 


happy birthday, scoutie girl. i love you more than you'll ever know. <3


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