Lil XO Kings-4.jpg

this squad is next level.

Lil XO Kings-8.jpg

i mean... c'mon. they are for sure some of the best dressed 4th graders out there, right?

each of these killer outfits are from @lilxokings  and you can save using SCOUTXO.

oh, and let me know if you have any sizing questions! we have quite the collection!

Lil XO Kings-2.jpg

anyone else watch vanderpump rules? i know, i know... i don't really watch it either... anymore. ;) these two remind me so much of ariana and kristen! do you see the resemblance in this pic? (and, yes, i realize kristen and ariana would never be smiling while. lol)

Lil XO Kings-12.jpg

all the way up.

Lil XO Kings-23.jpg

grrrl power! 

we love all of our tattoos from @duckystreet but this one

definitely spoke to these fierce little chicas.

Lil XO Kings-3.jpg
Lil XO Kings-7.jpg
Lil XO Kings-9.jpg
Lil XO Kings-11.jpg
Lil XO Kings-34.jpg
Lil XO Kings-33.jpg

the faces they make when you try to get them to stand too close together. 

scout fashion
Lil XO Kings-1.jpg
Lil XO Kings-36.jpg
Lil XO Kings-38.jpg

that feeling when the shoot is over!

(just kidding- they are just psyched that we were going to the best ice cream shop in town!)